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Monday, March 26, 2012

European Geophysical Union 2012 - biocrusty sessions

The EGU schedule is now up. As promised here are the programs of the two sessions I know of which feature biological and physical soil crusts and dust (solely for space considerations,  I haven't listed some cool sounding talks form the same sessions but on very different topics). I imagine there are several other interesting sessions on, e.g. soil erosion, so check it out yourself....the program is huge and can be found here.  You'll note the sheer volume of material on biocrusts and related topics is huge here. It makes me think there ought to be an annual international crust conference.
 Dynamics of soil surface characteristics (including physical and biological soil crusts): consequences on soil functioning and role of climate and land use change
Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012, Room: 22
Oral Presentations Convener: O. Cerdan, O. Malam Issa , B. Marin , J. L. Rajot
08:30–08:45 EGU2012-359 What controls dryland soil stability? The surprising importance of biocrusts and their possible sensitivity to climate change - M.A Bowker, J. Belnap, F.T. Maestre, and V.B. Chaudhary
08:45–09:00 EGU2012-3692 Biological soil crust succession impact on soil moisture and temperature in the sub-surface along a rainfall gradient - E. Zaady, H. Yizhaq, and Y Ashkenazy
09:00–09:15 EGU2012-2760 Net primary productivity (NPP) of a biological soil crust (BSC) in northwestern Queensland, Australia -B. Büdel, H. Reichenberger, and W. Williams
09:15–09:30 EGU2012-2193 Effects of biological soil crusts on seedling growth and element uptake in five desert plants in Junggar Basin, western China (withdrawn) - Y. Zhang
09:30–09:45 EGU2012-1970 A predictive model of spatial distribution of Biological Soil Crust in the Sahel from local to regional scale - N. Beaugendre, A. Choné, C. Sannier, J.F. Desprats, O. Cerdan, C. Valentin, O. Malam Issa, and J.L. Rajot
09:45–10:00 EGU2012-7052 High resolution mapping of Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices (NDVI) of biological soil crusts - T. Fischer, M. Veste, A. Eisele, O. Bens, W. Spyra, and R.F. Hüttl

Poster Session 24 Apr 17:30–19:00 Hall X/Y Chairperson: O. Malam Issa
XY598 EGU2012-11184 Hydrodynamic behaviour of crusted soils in the Sahel: a possible cause for runoff increase? - m. malam abdou, j.-p. vandervaere, i. bouzou moussa, and l. descroix
XY599 EGU2012-13804 Interactions between soil structure and excess water formation on chernozem soils - N. Gál and A. Farsang
XY600 EGU2012-12385 Surface soil crust types, properties and their response to ameliorants in the irrigated field of Eastern Ethiopia - F. Kebede, E. Mekonnen, N. Taha, A. Verdoodt, and E. Van Ranst
XY601 EGU2012-6396 Wind erosion flux measurements and variability on traditionally cultivated fields in South West Niger: crop residues and soils crust impacts - A. Abdourhamane Touré, J.L. Rajot, Z. Garba, B. Marticorena, C. Petit, D. Sebag, and O. Malam Issa
XY602 EGU2012-11864 Effect of biological soil crusts of the Sahel (Niger) on wind erosion - J. L. Rajot, R. Paris, O. Malam Issa, A. Maman, A. Abdourhamane Touré, C. Valentin, and B. Marticorena
XY604 EGU2012-4189 Including physical and biological soil crusts properties in gully prediction - A. Gay, O. Cerdan, J.F. Desprats, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, J.L. Rajot, and L. Descroix
XY605 EGU2012-7524 Calibration of a physically based soil erosion model for different kind of biological soil crust - O. Cerdan, M. Le, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, JL. Rajot, and JF. Desprats
XY606 EGU2012-9307 Estimating the loss of C, N and microbial biomass from Biological Soil Crusts under simulated rainfall - M. Gommeaux, O. Malam Issa, T. Bouchet, C. Valentin, J.-L. Rajot, I. Bertrand, G. Alavoine, J.-F. Desprats, O. Cerdan, and D. Fatondji
XY607 EGU2012-13569 Diminution of soil carbon sequestration following 72 years grazing disturbance; a study of cyanobacterial soil crusts from the Australian Mulga Lands - W. Williams, D. Eldridge, B. Budel, and H. Reichenberger
XY608 EGU2012-9879 Measurement of dinitrogen fixation by Biological soil crust (BSC) from the Sahelian zone: an isotopic method -F. Ehrhardt, G. Alavoine, and I. Bertrand
XY609 EGU2012-9264 Effect of mineralogical, geochemical and biological properties on soils reflectance to assess temporal and spatial dynamics of BSCs in Sahelian ecosystems - A. Bourguignon, O. Cerdan, J.F. Desprats, B. Marin, O. Malam Issa, C. Valentin, and J.L. Rajot
XY610 EGU2012-9353 Variability of physicochemical and mineralogical characteristics of biological soil crusts at local scale in the Sahelian zone of western Niger - B. Cancès, G. Gommeaux, B. Marin, M. Ponthieu, C. Ralahimanana, S. Ayachi, and O. Malam Issa
XY611 EGU2012-12145 Relationship between the herbaceous and woody vegetation caracteristics and biological soil crusts distribution in fallow and rangeland across a latitudinal gradient in Sahelian Western Niger - O. Malam Issa, P. Hiernaux, A. Kalilou, J.L. Rajot, and J. Languille
XY612 EGU2012-10285 Local knowledge and perception of biological soil crusts by land users in the Sahel (Niger) - K. J-M Ambouta, B. Hassan Souley, O. Malam Issa, J. L. Rajot, and A Mohamadou

Biophysical processes: from biological soil crusts to macro process
Thursday, 26 Apr 2012 Room: 22
Oral Presentations Chairperson: J.M. Turowski, G.J. Kidron
09:30–09:45 EGU2012-247 Biological Soil Crusts Influence Hydrologic Function Differently in Various Deserts And Future Climate and Land Use will Affect These Relationships - J. Belnap, B. Wilcox, N. Barger, J. Herrick, and M. van Soyoc
09:45–10:00 EGU2012-358 Runoff source or sink? Biocrust hydrological function strongly depends on the relative abundance of mosses - M.A. Bowker, D.J. Eldridge, and F.T. Maestre
10:30–10:45 EGU2012-13225 Role of Biological Soil Crusts on hydrological cycle drivers of semiarid ecosystems- Y. Canton, S. Chamizo, E. Rodriguez-Caballero, I. Miralles, R. Lazaro, A. Sole-Benet, and F. Domingo
10:45–11:00 EGU2012-5034 Infiltration, water holding capacity and growth patterns of biological soil crusts on sand dunes under arid and temperate climates - T. Fischer, A. Yair, and M. Veste
11:00–11:15 EGU2012-650 Effects of sand burial and wind disturbances on moss soil crusts in a revegetated area of the Tennger Desert, Northern China - R.L. Jia, X.R. Li, L.C. Liu, and Y.H. Gao
11:15–11:30 EGU2012-6898 Microbial exopolysaccharides as determinants of geomorphological, hydrological and optical properties of soil crusts from the Precambrian till today- F. Garcia-Pichel
11:30–11:45 EGU2012-1182 Will climate change reduce the ability of biological soil crusts to act as a carbon sink in drylands? - F. T. Maestre, C. Escolar, J. L. Quero, M. Ladrón de Guevara, R. Lázaro, V. Ochoa, B. Gozalo, and M. Berdugo
11:45–12:00        Toward a Synthesis: Bridging the gap between micro and macro, methodological dilemmas and collaboration between life and earth scientists

Poster Session 17:30–19:00 Hall XL Chairperson: J. Belnap
XL272 EGU2012-2187 Cryptogamic communities in biological soil crusts in arid deserts of China: Diversity and their relationships to habitats in different scales - X.R. Li, M.Z. He, X.J. Li, and R.L. Jia
XL273 EGU2012-2191 Effects of patchy distribution of vegetation on infiltration, runoff generation and resources redistribution in Tengger Desert, north China - X.J. Li
XL274 EGU2012-4142 Ecohydrology of biological soil crusts in arid sand dunes - integration from the micro-scale to the landscape (solicited) - M. Veste, A. Yair, S.-W. Breckle, and T. Littmann
XL275 EGU2012-6372 Development of biological soil crusts and their influence on soil hydrology in the recultivation area of lignite open-cast mining district in Lower Lusatia (Germany) - R. Spröte, M. Veste, T. Fischer, T. Raab, O. Bens, and R. F. Hüttl
XL276 EGU2012-13058 The role of biological soil crusts on soil moisture - S. Chamizo, Y. Cantón, R. Lázaro, E. Rodriguez-Caballero, and F. Domingo
XL277 EGU2012-1784 Influence of biological soil crusts at different successional stages in the implantation of biogeochemical cycles in arid and semiarid zones - F. Gil-Sotres, I Miralles, Y. Canton -Castilla, F. Domingo, M.C. Leiros, and C. Trasar-Cepeda
XL278 EGU2012-1005 C, N and P ratios modulate the dominance of soil N forms, microbial N transformation processes and microbial functional diversity under biological soil crust in a semi-arid grassland - M. Delgado-Baquerizo, L. Morillas, F. Maestre, and A. Gallardo
XL279 EGU2012-3306 Biological soil crusts are the main contributor to winter soil respiration in a temperate desert ecosystem of China - M. Z. He
XL280 EGU2012-9531 Biological soil crusts (BSC) in the Sahelian zone. Can they impact soil C and N cycles? - F. Ehrhardt, I. Bertrand, C. Joulian, C. Valentin, G. Alavoine, and O Malam Issa
XL281 EGU2012-6607 Endurance of Australian dry-savannah cyanobacteria regulated by extra-cellular polysaccharides - EPS and environment - W. Williams, B. Budel, H. Reichenberger, and N. Rose
XL283 EGU2012-11040 Transplant experiments to examine the habitat exclusivity of lichen dominated soil crust communities in the El Cautivo badlands, SE Spain - J. Bevan, R. Alexander, and R. Lazaro-Suau
XL284 EGU2012-2220 The physiology mechanisms on drought tolerance and adaptation of biological soil crust moss Bryum argenteum and Didymodon vinealis in Tenger Desert - X. Zhao., Y. Shi., C. Chen., R. Jia., and X. Li.
XL285 EGU2012-4961 A Process-based Model of Global Lichen Productivity - P. Porada and A. Kleidon
XL286 - EGU2012-948 Mapping biological soil crusts for understanding their functional relevance in dryland ecosystems -E. Rodriguez-Caballero, P Escribano, S Chamizo, and Y Canton
XL287- EGU2012-931 Distribution patterns of terricolous and saxicolous lichens in extreme desert conditions -M. Temina
XL288 - EGU2012-3533 Mycobiota of biological soil crusts in the Negev desert, Israel - differences on a regional and local scale - I. Grishkan, E. Zaady, and G. Kidron
XL289 EGU2012-416 Runoff initiation versus runoff yield: Understanding the complexity of the hydrological effect of biological soil crusts - G.J. Kidron, H.C. Monger, B. Büdel, A. Vonshak, and W. Conrod

I was on the radio....sort of

Photo: KNAU radio, photographer unknown. Ain't it cool? Notice the gradient in architecture that coincides with soil depth. There is a real sweet spot in soil depth about 10 - 50 cm away from the bedrock exposure. Also notice all the trapped sand in the microcanyons.

I recently chatted with a writer (Cecile Leblanc) for Earth Notes, a series of radio shorts broadcast on KNAU, an NPR station in Northern Arizona. Apparently, the editor had attended the crust session at the Biennial Conference for research on the Colorado Plateau, discussed in previous posts. He was intrigued by one of the talks, probably Jayne's, specifically about possible crust effects on plants. Anyways that led to a phone call and interview with Cecile. She summarized our conversation in this short. She focused on the possible good effects of crusts on plants, rather than the "crusts as germination barrier" or "crusts as competitors" views, but I think that's reasonable in a Colorado Plateau context.
I can't figure out how to embed this one...but here's a link.