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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journal of Ecology Blog/ ESA

Oh hi, it's me, your prodigal blogger. Some news nuggets:

1. Some of our work, led by Fernando Maestre, is being highlighted in the Journal of Ecology Blog. We try to determine which is most important for ecosystem function: species richness, evenness, species composition, or spatial aggregation. The answer is richness and composition for the most part, and spatial pattern once in a while. Evenness has little effect in and of itself, but can have interactive effects with the other factors. It is another work derived from Andrea Castillo's constructed crust microcosms, mentioned in a previous post. Check out the Journal of Ecology blog here.

(Just in case you didn't know how interesting crusts are here's one of F's photos from the blog post)

I think this trend of scientific journals maintaining blogs is really cool. What better way to bring the science to the people for free! Not to mention demystifying it along the way. Right now i think Oikos is doing the best job (check them out in the blogroll), mostly because of one editor who is a frequent contributor. It looks like right now, the fledgling J. Ecology blog is mostly highlighting papers that they publish, and I guess we'll see how it evolves. It looks promising.

2. Bettina Weber & Jayne Belnap's proposal to ESA (August, Portland, Oregon) was accepted as an organized oral session rather than a symposium. So, "There will be crusts" (spoken in ominous voice) at ESA. I will post the lineup and that of the EGU meetings (April, Vienna, Austria) when I have them.

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