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Saturday, June 16, 2012

TerraDerm website launch

1. Jim Sears & Bharath Prithiviraj have recently launched a website about their TerraDerm concept. TerraDerm is a nonprofit working on making a cyanobacterial crust inoculum to sink carbon and reverse desertification in drylands. I've added it to the resources links to the right.

2. I recently noticed Fernando Maestre added a blog to his website about his dryland ecology research. There is content in Spanish and English dealing with community and ecosystem ecology of plants and biocrusts. I've added it to the blogroll.

3. Kevin of "Nature's Internet: a layman's guide to installation and maintenance", my nominee for best blog title ever, has a post up for lay audiences about biocrusts and mycorrhizas. Check it out here. I've also added this blog to the blogroll.

1 comment:

  1. I wish the Terra Derm website/company had more detailed info on what they do and offer. Though interesting, it seemed a little vague. Guess I'll have to Google and dig deeper when I get the time. Sounds like a good viable business model though employing a natural solution for numerous habitat restorations, not just deserts.

    On another note is this lates article:

    SNEAK PEEK: New Research Reveals Desert Ecosystems Depend on Soil Crusts