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Friday, October 5, 2012

Early lifehistory stages drive community reassembly in Australian oldfields Scott 2012 Journal of Vegetation Science Wiley Online Library

Intriguing positive correlations between biocrusts & native  plant diversity in a study of succession

Early lifehistory stages drive community reassembly in Australian oldfields Scott 2012 Journal of Vegetation Science Wiley Online Library

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  1. Nice article but of course all I could read was the abstract. But it makes sense in an engineering sort of way how important such micro-organisms are to establishment. Regular forms of mycorrhizae in the soil will detach from hosts if man made chemicals are used. The plant has no use for them and ceases producing the acids that attract and allow attachment in the first place. If these mechanisms disappear as a result of years of chemical usage, then seedlings ability to plug into a life giving network, grid or web which facilitates water, nutrient and electrical static current for life, then seedling successes will be almost nill or at least extremely low until the crusts can build back up again

    I actually wrote a piece in my other blog "Timeless Environments in which as a Teen showing Sheep at the County Fair, I stumbled across a technology called Smart Fabric in which the merchant or promoter was illustrating the electrical conductivity of the Smart Fabric was illustrated by a stretched out cloth on a table with folds which were like hills and valleys. The cloth was connected by a very low current charge of negative and positive electrical current. But he could take a LEDs light and plug it anywhere into the Network of fibers which made up the Smart Fabric and the LEDs light would instantly turn on. As long as it was connected to the minute grid or network of fibers, it was charged. I realized it was the perfect illustration to describe success in plant life when connected to a healthy grid.

    Believe it or not that was back in 1974.

    What amazes me after all of this time and scientific understanding with how nature really works, the conventional Science and Scientists which run things on this globe for the most part reject this as not being a viable option for no other reason than it doesn't make some Corporation mega profits. That clearly is going to have to change.

    A big part of educating newer generations to this reality about the natural world and the healthy way it operates is dumping the intellect speak and providing terminologies and explanations that make learning fun. Otherwise Monsanto and Scotts Miracle Gro will continue to dupe an ignorant public who simply take it on faith that the advertisement or TV Commercial is telling the truth.