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Saturday, June 15, 2013

New! Forum is up and running

Look up at the top banner on this page, there are now multiple pages, one of which is labeled "Geodermatophilia forum". Follow that link or this one to the forum. Bookmark it.

This is a place where anyone can leave a comment or announcement. This is a distinct tool from the comment boxes at the bottom of posts because any topic can be discussed at any time (not just the most current blog post, and because its more conducive for reader-to-reader communications rather than poster to reader communication. AND, it is organizable into threads or topics.

Examples (not at all exhaustive) of good usage of this forum:
1. Back & forth discussion of threads
2. Advertise positions in your lab
3. Seek or give advise about taxonomy, methods, equipment, etc
4. If you are a member of the general public, ask a general question of the experts.

It won't have any value unless people use it, so please use it. It might require a little extra effort at first.

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