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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greening of the Earth pushed way back in time

Greening of the Earth pushed way back in time

New work by Gregory Retallack about terrestrial fossils greater than 2 million years old. The identity of the organisms is unknown, but are compared to Geosiphon. Geosiphon is fascinating in that it is a non-lichen fungal-cyanobacterial symbiosis. The cyanobacteria are Nostoc, and they live ndosymbiotically -- inside the fungal cells. The fungi are interesting as well since they are not ascomycetes like almost all lichens (there are a few basidomycete lichens too). Rather they are a lineage of fungi close to the glomeromycota which form arbuscular mycorrhizas.

See my older post about a different controversial paper by Retallack.

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