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Friday, August 24, 2012

Biological soil crust is on Facebook....

.....didn't even know he/she/it could type.

check it out here


  1. You mean you had a Facebook page since 2009 and didn't tell us ? Kidding!

    BTW, the Desert Hover Craft I posted over there looks pretty kool. Could definitely be a protection of sorts from conventional offroaders. Of course given human nature, never underestimate their ability to misuse and abuse even this technology.

    Aerofex Hover Bike


  2. Very Star Wars....

    Actually that Facebook page isn't mine, just another crust fan.

    Geodermatophilia does have a page now, but, comically Facebook locked me out bc they think I' a spam robot. Maybe because I tried to share all the backlog of posts at once?? Anyways....working on it.